Founded in 2010 as an Olympia, Washington-based non-profit organization, but with a prehistory going back to 2006, Friendly Water for the World’s vision is of healthy, self-sustaining, empowered, peaceful communities both here and abroad, sharing our knowledge with each other, with life and hope restored through clean water.

We currently work in 12 countries, in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, as well as in North America. Outside of North America, most of our work is in poor, rural communities, communities often ignored by large charities, missions, aid organizations, or by their own governments. We work with everyone – of all races and religions – Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, animist, or none at all. We often work together with groups who find themselves marginalized – widows, unemployed youth, individuals and families impacted by HIV, Batwa/pygmies in Africa, Dalits (“untouchables”) in India, native populations in Latin America, all sharing a vision of clean water as life. And in North America, we work with all people of good will who thirst for justice, and who want to make a real difference in people’s lives.