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Friendly Water for the World’s Congo-DRC Country Representative Eliphaz Bashilwango received a very small grant from the Washington State Environmental Health Association and transformed an entire community. He chose a Batwa/Pygmy village – Kahororo – close to the Burundi border.

The Batwa people are an oppressed minority in central Africa, occupying the lowest rung of the social system. Once forest dwellers and hunters, most have been gathered onto what are essentially reservations, like Kahororo. With 4,000 households, Kahororo has virtually 100% unemployment, no roads, no schools, no health facilities. It is located in a swamp. A decade ago, soldiers came through Kahororo and raped some of the women, infecting them with HIV. And there is no clean water. More than half the children were dying before the age of five, most as a result of waterborne illnesses. When a BioSand program was proposed by Eliphaz, the village headman Anania Shigeru expressed grave doubts as to whether his people could be trained to do anything. Nonetheless, following the training program, the participants (14 men and 16 women) produced and installed 31 BioSand Filters in 38 days. Within three weeks, health started to radically improve, and people were clamoring for more filters. Anania voiced his new-found enthusiasm by stating, “The sustained action of Friendly Water for the World is the first intervention toward the development of Kahororo since the world began. We were yesterday forgotten, discriminated against, and marginalized, but today we now have become proud and worthy thanks to the BioSand Filter program.” Since then, a World Bank delegation has gone to the community to witness “the miracle of Kahororo.” 




Project Name:  Beni, North Kivu

Location:  Congo-DRC
The project will provide 36 BioSand water filters to 36 pygmy families impacted with HIV as part of the Building new lives Campaign
Status:  Completed

Start Date:  May 17, 2016
End Date:  May 16, 2016

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Project Name:  Goma

Location:  Congo-DRC

52 BSFs and 416 water containers are provided to the 26 orphanages of Goma. These orphanages were established to take in orphans from the 17-year war that ravaged through the country. The orphanages provided a shelter but barely nothing more. There was no clean drinking water nor food. Friendly Water for the World with the help of our medical officer in Congo provided BioSand water filters, which eliminated all waterborne diseases especially cholera that was haunting over the orphans and taking the lives of many. to learn more about this success story please follow the link "We Stopped Cholera".

These orphanages are now disease free but still have very low resources to provide for the orphans. This project aim to provide a couple more filters that will be designated to selling water to the surrounding population and make an income that will help support the orphanages and the children.



Status:  Active

Start Date:  March 2, 2016
End Date:  May 16, 2016

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