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Sophia Assenga, a volunteer coordinator with Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots youth organization in Tanzania, pleaded with Friendly Water for the World for the opportunity to attend a training in Gisenyi, Rwanda. Water conditions in northwest Tanzania are extremely poor, with a high incident of typhoid and dysentery. She traveled at her own expense and, upon returning, scheduled two trainings, in Mwanza and in the Mara region. Sophie contracted with a local welder to make steel molds, and we brought our moldmaker down from Uganda to personally train him.

Five groups have now been trained, made up mostly of unemployed youth, and word has been traveling fast. More than 15 groups have now come forward, begging to be trained as well. The demand for clean water and BioSand Water Filters is very great, and it will take Sophia and her friends quite a bit of time to catch up, and for us to catch up with the demand for more steel molds, toolkits, and starter materials. 




Project Name:  Rorya

Location:  Tanzania
This project is to train 3 groups 15 people, from the Rorya Tanzania area in conjunction with the Anglican Church of Yorkshire England, (a connection with Water for Life). Filter molds and tool kits are provided to each trained group  that will then construct filters for their respective communities.
Status:  Completed

Start Date:  August 1, 2016
End Date:  August 5, 2016

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Project Name:  Mwanza

Location:  Tanzania
Three groups of disadvantaged women from 3 districts in Mwanza (Ilemela, Nyamagana and Magu) will be trained on water, hygiene, sanitation, and fabrication, installation and maintenance of BioSand water filter. The training will take 5 days for each group, and will cover theory and practical activities to equip the participants with skills and knowledge to enable start up the project of selling filters. After the training, groups will be guided on business planning and marketing of filters then being monitored and evaluated throughout to ensure goals set are met. The project aims to improve their living standard, to become financially stable then support well beings of their families.
Status:  Active

Start Date:  February 13, 2016
End Date:  February 13, 2016

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