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At the Kigezi Orphans Home in far southwestern Uganda, 400 children lacked access to any clean drinking water. They regularly suffered from waterborne illnesses – typhoid, bacterial dysentery, Rotavirus, cryptosporidium, and, occasionally, cholera. Child mortality is very high, and there are no doctors. In September 2013, Friendly Water for the World’s Uganda Representative Richard Kyambadde installed two BioSand Water Filters and taught community sanitation and hygiene.

Three weeks later, Orphans Home Director Julius Katemba wrote us: “It’s a miracle! Among the 400 children, there is no dysentery, no diarrhea, not even a single stomach ache!” We are now raising funds to return to the community to teach them how to build more Filters themselves, and to install rainwater catchment systems, and “water hives”, small catchment systems that can be used in schools for hygiene stations. 




Project Name:  Busia

Location:  Uganda
A BSF training for the under-served population of Busia. Project in collaboration with Friends United Meeting.
Status:  Active

Start Date:  June 9, 2016
End Date:  May 16, 2016

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